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If you are interested in learning how to surf, I have a few recommendations. I must admit, I do sell surf school activities as an affiliate seller. However, if you are to check yelp, I offer activities to the best surf schools on Maui.

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Royal Hawaiian Surf

One of the most established surf schools is Royal Hawaiian Surf. The surf lessons are two hours and are semi-private limited to couples at around 144 dollars per person.

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- 15-minute Intro safety and guidelines - We often encounter Maui's local ocean wildlife
-No experience necessary- Guided tour along Lahaina coastline
- Includes SUP board, long sleeve UV rash guards, and reef shoes

Outrageous Surf School

If you are looking for a cheaper option, check out Outrageous surf school. The lessons are in groups and is around $50 per person.

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First-time surfers learn in group lesson
Monday - Saturday 8am, 11am and 2pm
Depart from Lahaina
Duration 2 hours
Maximum 6 students
All equipment and gear provided

If you want to attend a surf school away from the West Side of the island. Check out the following school for affordable lessons.

Maui Waveriders

Tour Highlights:

Group lesson on land and in water
Monday - Saturday 8am, 10am, 11am and noon
Departure Kihei
Duration 2 hours
Maximum 5 students per instructor
All gear provided

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From my experience, you can't go wrong with choosing a wrong surf school on Maui.  Unless the surf school is widely inexperienced, you will likely have a good experience. I would base surf school choices on price, location and maybe even privacy if you prefer smaller groups for learning experience.
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